Working at Event Venues Throughout Ridgefield, CT

Surrounded by the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains, Ridgefield, CT is a historic town in a picturesque setting about an hour north of New York City. Ridgefield is historic because it was the site of the Battle of Ridgefield, a skirmish between the British army and a small colonial militia, in 1777. In fact, if you visit the Keeler Tavern in Ridgefield, you will find a cannonball from the battle still lodged into the side of the tavern.

The rolling hills and historic buildings of Ridgefield make it a perfect choice to plan a special event. If you wish to schedule a memorable event in Ridgefield, call Palmer’s Catering & Events for our catering and event planning services. Our dedicated team will work with you to help customize a special event in Ridgefield. We are the premier catering and events company in Connecticut and can help you plan special events of all sizes. Whether it’s a corporate event or something joyous like a wedding or bar mitzvah, Palmer’s Catering & Events will help you celebrate in style.

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Custom Event Planning

Our team can be trusted to craft the perfect event in a dedicated and respectful fashion. You will work with skilled chefs, creative event planners, professional bartenders, and helpful servers to customize your event. We also provide full equipment rentals and work with some of the best venues in Connecticut to host your event in an exclusive setting.

If you wish to plan an event in Ridgefield or the surrounding areas, give Palmer’s Catering & Events a call. Talk directly with our experts and discuss ideas for creating the best event imaginable. We can customize the perfect event package for you and your party. Call us today for more information on our catering services in Ridgefield, CT.