Catering Services in Westchester County, NY

Westchester County is one of the most well-known counties in the entire United States, because it is the main suburban area of New York City. In fact, Westchester was the first suburban area of its kind to develop back in the late 19th Century as wealthy New Yorkers looked for someplace to live outside the city. Today, Westchester remains a place for wealthy New Yorkers to move to, as it ranks second in New York State for median income per person, and also has some of the highest property taxes of any county in the United States. But Westchester is also home to some of the highest-rated public schools in the nation and many beautiful historic homes, including mansions and castles.

The premier catering and events company in Westchester County is Palmer’s Catering & Events. We cater for events of all sizes throughout the area. You can count on full catering services from our team of experts. Whether it’s an intimate plated dinner, a themed party, a corporate event, or a wedding reception, Palmer’s Catering & Events can provide the service you’re looking for throughout the county.

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Dedicated Service Throughout Westchester County

Palmer’s Catering & Events will provide the trusted team members you need to help you properly celebrate life’s most important events. We provide catering services for bar and bat mitzvahs, family reunions, birthday parties, and, yes, even wedding receptions. To help you plan your event, we’ll rely on the expertise of trained chefs, knowledgeable event planners, friendly bartenders, and dedicated servers.

If you’re planning a special event in Westchester County, you need the special touch of Palmer’s Catering & Events. We can personalize your special event for you and help you select the right local venue. Call us today for expert catering and event planning services!